The Right At-Home Wellness Therapy For You

29 April 2020  |  Giovanna Maselli

While nothing can replace the properly executed wellness therapy done by your preferred esthetician, masseuse, acupuncturist, or hairstylist, there are ways to bring some of the benefits of each therapy to your home.

For those who love the visit to the spa, our experts have compiled a few at-home options for your use while in your sanctuary – based on your most desired therapy.


The relaxing benefits of a proper massage are essential to our overall wellbeing, especially the mind and body. If you love your bi-weekly or monthly massage, try mastering the art of self-massage while at home. Using a nourishing body oil, treat your limbs and lower back to a mini massage. In a circular, kneading motion start at your most tense area. For many, tension is mostly held in the neck and lower back area. Massage each area for one to two minutes before moving on to the next. Don’t miss your hands, feet and calves. If you live with someone else, ask them to give you a massage as well.

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Pick a day to extend your normal skincare routine to keep your skin at its best and provide a canvas for the maximum absorption of your preferred beauty products with an at-home facial.

Cleanse: For a deeper cleansing ritual, make sure to double cleanse. You can use the same cleanser or opt for a heavier cleanser first and then use a lighter cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, you can cleanse just once using a nourishing balm cleanser.

Exfoliate: Depending on your skin’s needs, opt for a gentle facial scrub or a rinse-off exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells, unclog your pores and smooth the skin, preparing it for optimum absorption of your skincare products.

Mask: Select the beauty mask that fits your skincare needs. For a more general approach, try a mineral-rich face mask that replenishes the skin and minimizes the appearance of pores. Try to use a mask once a week. Don’t forget to treat the eye area as well with a hydrating eye mask. Set a weekly reminder to keep your mask routine consistent for the best results.

Serum: Use a hydrating serum that helps boost your skin’s ability to heal itself by stimulating cell renewal and supporting your skin’s cell structure. This will increase its ability to stay firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Moisturize: To keep your skin at its best, use a moisturizer packed with ingredients that keep it hydrated throughout the day but also provides anti-aging benefits to preserve your skin’s elasticity and softness.

Sunscreen: Daily, make sure to use sunscreen or use a moisturizer that already has SPF protection to prevent damage from the sun’s harmful rays that lead signs of aging and wrinkles.

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Healthy, well-groomed hair can say a lot about a person’s focus on self-care. Research suggests your hair maintenance helps us control how we appear to age since it is one of our most prominent features. Between visits to your trusted stylist, try nourishing hair treatments at home. There is a mask for each hair goal; fuller hair, hydrated and nourished locks, longer hair and even taming your unruly mane. This can be done in the shower or while you are relaxing. If you are working from home, an optimal time is while you are sitting in front of your computer. Lather on your favorite mask, based on your goal, and pair it with a nourishing hair oil for extra nourishment.