The Impact Of Color On Your Mental, Physical Wellness

8 January 2020

As anyone who has spent months debating between seemingly endless shades of white paint can attest to, finding the right color is crucial. For many, colors can dictate more than just a daily mood; they can take on an integral role in healing mental and physical ailments which is why a number of spas have incorporated it into their treatment rooms. 

      However, it’s not just within the four walls of a spa or therapist’s office. Various studies have shown that blue street lights can reduce crime, that black sports uniforms can result in more penalty calls and that students shown the color red before a test scored 20 percent lower than those shown green or black. In fact, color therapy (or chromotherapy), which uses the frequency and vibration of color to heal, has been an integral part of both Eastern and Western medicine for centuries (remember that each of the seven chakras has a corresponding color).

         While those using the therapy for healing purposes have experts tailor their treatment, there are certain colors that pop up within most therapy sessions, with blue and violet invoked for mental disorders, yellow and greens helping with emotional issues and green acting as a beginning and end to many color therapy sessions. Alzheimer’s patients, as well as those who struggle with bipolar disorders or depressions, have seen symptoms relieved via the process thanks to targeted color and light treatments.

         Intrigued? Though color therapies should always be used in conjunction with traditional medicine when treating a serious illness, those who need just a bit of a boost can find relief in small doses across the rainbow. 


Often thought of as the most basic color (and many times used to begin and end a color therapy session), green is closely associated with healing and balance and often used in doctors offices and hospitals. This is not surprising when you remember that green is the color of the heart chakra, symbolizing health, prosperity and abundance. 


Yellows and golds are thought to help relieve anxiousness and are most associated with optimism and cheerfulness. Bonus: it can stimulate intelligence, and help with memory and detoxification.


Calming and healing, the color blue is linked with inner peace and spirituality. Experts recommend blue lights for those looking to bring down blood pressure or aid in insomnia. It’s also been thought to boost creativity as well as enhance speech and communication.


 Think orange the next time you’re home in bed with the flu. Color therapists say the warm and energetic color works to help with circulation in just about any organ within the body and is full of antioxidants to boost immunity. Additionally, it’s thought of as a color of joy and happiness and one closely tied to male and female sexual health.

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