Secrets of the Sea: The Benefits of Thalassotherapy

30 December 2019

Drawing from the healing properties of the sea, thalassotherapy seems a natural fit for cruise ship spas, as passengers view the vast expanse of water that surrounds them. The treatment, popular in many European spas, often encompasses not only the seawater, but algae and seaweed as well, introducing healing minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sulfates directly into the bloodstream via the skin. While relaxing, thalassotherapy is much more detox healer than luxe indulgence. 

What is thalassotherapy?

As mentioned above, thalassotherapy centers on the benefits of seawater and the minerals that can be found within, drawing on therapeutic healing properties that have been documented since ancient Greece. Though treatments can vary, many cruise lines have begun to incorporate thalassotherapy pools within some of their onboard spas.  

How does thalassotherapy work?

The most common practice involves soaking in seawater that has been raised to body temperature, allowing the flushing of toxins and the absorption of minerals and sea elements. Thalassotherapy pools can include massage jets for extra invigoration and treatments are sometimes followed by a seaweed or mud, wrap or facial. 

What are the benefits of thalassotherapy?

Experts say the healing minerals can dramatically improve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis; muscle conditions and arthritis; and even asthma and bronchitis. The water is also said to help balance the metabolism.

Where can I find thalassotherapy? 

Major cruise lines such as Carnival, Princess and Holland America feature thalassotherapy in many of their onboard spas. Carnival’s Cloud Nine spas offer up soothing massage jets in their pools, while Holland America’s thermal suite in the Koningsdam Greenhouse spa features a reclining pool and heated ceramic lounges. 

Finally, Princess’s Lotus Spa features a detoxifying ocean wrap and an Elemis Aroma Spa Seaweed Massage.

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