Carnival Cruise Line


Drift away to a sea of clouds and discover a sensory heaven — a haven, a harbor, a refuge from the everyday. Find happiness in the simplest of things: a moment of silence, the warmth of a smile, a caring touch, a sense of community.

Cloud 9 is your gateway to relaxation. Feeling good is about letting go and becoming comfortable – in your mind, in your body, in your skin. It is an inspiring journey of self-exploration in which spending time with yourself — and others — not only brings you happiness, but is your happy place.

Carnival Cruise Line relaxation area

Anything but standard, Cloud 9 has standards: a friendly, easy, breezy vibe; a unique chill factor — relaxing here is second nature; and a collection of incredibly effective skin and body treatments that transform not only how you look, but how you feel.

Your place of calm, Cloud 9 is a lifestyle. Live it onboard, love it, and take it home to continue your state of blissfulness every day. The sky’s the limit. Float on.

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