Simple Ways To Bring Wellness To The Workplace

11 November 2019

For all the weekend warrior hours put in, and all the Monday morning hot water with lemon ingested, spending 40 hours per week in an office can derail even the healthiest of mindsets which can then lead to a dip in workplace focus.

In a 2019 study by research firm Future Work, one-third of participants said they lose at least an hour of productivity each day due to office environments that don’t support their daily health. Even more incredible is the fact that research has shown that employers can save an average of $5.82 in lower absenteeism costs for every dollar spent on employee wellness.

If you are ready to dip your toes into the workplace wellness space, here are a few ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle at work:



Skip the candy dish in reception by stocking the office fridge (or even your top drawer) with healthier alternatives that will boost you through an afternoon slump. Nutritionists suggest pumpkin and sunflower seeds for a quick source of protein as well as nut butters, air-popped popcorn, dried fruit. and roasted seaweed. Try bringing your own bottle of water. aiming to finish by lunch, again by 3 p.m. and then again by 5 p.m.


While you can’t visit the spa on a daily basis, you can bring a small portion of it with you to the workplace. Try shopping for your favorite luxury spa products whether it’s that moisturizer or facial or body oil used during a treatment. The act of simply using these items in the workplace will not only provide you a moment of relaxation but remind you to keep self-care at your core every day.


“Advocates of standing desks point to studies showing that after a meal, blood sugar levels return to normal faster on days a person spends more time standing. And standing, rather than sitting, may reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain,” writes Robert H. Shmerling, MD in the Harvard Medical School “Harvard Health Blog.” Shmerling recommends “easing” into a standing desk, beginning with 30-to-60 minutes per day and then gradually increasing to avoid back, leg or foot pain. A foam standing mat will also provide extra comfort.


Use essential oils to improve the feel of your work area, your productivity and even your creativity. The scent chosen depends on the results you desire. Both lavender and jasmine reduce stress, but lavender soothes the mind while jasmine awakens it. The scent of rose helps you focus while the scent of grapefruit energizes you. Above all scents for the workplace, the winner is lemon. Research shows it increases productivity by 54 percent (Global Wellness Summit, TRENDIUM). Execution is as simple as using a diffuser or putting a few drops on a damp cloth and leaving it near your work area.


Viruses can remain infectious for hours to days on hard surfaces, making your phone, mouse and keyboard a hotbed of bacteria, according to researchers at the American Society for Microbiology. Aside from washing hands thoroughly and often, keep a pack of eco-friendly wipes at close reach to wipe down surfaces on the regular, especially during flu season.