Wellness & Woof: How The Two Are Intertwined

14 February 2020

The simple act of interacting with a pet decreases the levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) in your body as well as lowers your blood pressure, according to the National Institute of Health.

As a source of comfort and support, pets have also been shown to reduce feelings of loneliness, increase feelings of social support and elevate your mood.

With a devotion to wellness, OneSpaWorld encourages the inclusion of pets in the life of our employees and those we work with daily. From one shared story to another, pet lovers sport a smile when they connect over life with their furry loved one.

Wellness does not just stem simply from the spa, it is part of a lifestyle that can also be fomented at home – a home with things that improve your quality of life – mind, body and spirit.

In addition to the wellness benefits, the lessons learned from owning a pet are endless.

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