The Evolution of Wellness: 5,000 Years Of Uniting Mind, Body & Spirit

9 August 2019

What does wellness mean to you?

For some, it is as simple as choosing organic products at the grocery store or eating a diet rich in superfoods. For others, it is a yoga class, a run on the beach at sunrise, an eco-tourism retreat deep in the jungle, or a restorative massage with warm salt stones to contour the body and relieve muscle tension and stress.

Wellness means many things to many people. The very definition of it has evolved through the years: From Ayurveda in 3000 B.C. to Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its holistic approach to achieving health and well-being by cultivating harmony in each life. From the ancient Greeks in 500 B.C. to the Roman emphasis on disease prevention to the 19th Century intellectual movements, alternative healthcare methods and homeopathy approaches to the development of Chiropractic.

The concept of wellness continues to evolve today, as fitness, diet, healthy living and an emphasis on wellbeing transform multiple industries, from retail to food and beverage to travel.

Today, wellness is a booming industry, driven by a growing number of consumers with an interest in health and wellness, from Millennials to Baby Boomers. Wellness tourism – travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s wellbeing – was a $639 billion global market in 2017, according to the Global Wellness Institute –a market that is growing more than twice as fast as general tourism.

And, with a comprehensive suite of premium health, fitness, beauty and wellness services, treatments and products aboard 164 cruise ships and at 67 destination resorts around the world, OneSpaWorld is one of the largest health and wellness services companies in the world — a powerhouse in the wellness industry and a global leader that is transforming the spa experience for generations of wellness travelers.

The concept of wellness will continue to evolve, but one thing will remain the same: Wellness will always be an exploration of the self, the senses, nature – a merging of the physical and the metaphysical, the mind and the body, the spirit, and the soul.

What does wellness mean to you? Discover it for yourself through OneSpaWorld wellness experiences for every demographic and generation. Seek serenity in our spas at sea, relieve stress in our fitness and training classes, work out, stay in, relax, unwind, become mindful.

Replenish your mind, body and spirit.

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