A spa therapist gives a facial to a male guest as part of male wellness practices.


5 Question Your Spa Therapist Should Always Ask You

9 November 2020

With an increasing emphasis on wellness for the mind, body, and spirit, guests are taking to the spa to enjoy a moment of relaxation and healing. With this in mind, guests should always be aware of a few crucial questions their expert spa therapist will ask to ensure each service is tailored to their needs. OneSpaWorld’s Vice President of Education & Quality Assurance Angela Searle shares a few of these questions.

Are you currently experiencing any concerns or have specific goals you are here today to treat?

No matter your approach to this question, your therapist will first attempt to find out the source of your visit. Is it to relieve stress, treat pain, or simply to pamper yourself? If you are visiting the spa for a facial, feel free to state your needs. Do you wish to maintain your already beautiful skin, or do you wish to have a deep cleansing or extraction-based service? Both are different treatments, so this question is paramount when it comes to your therapist being able to customize your specific journey and ensure you are booking the right service and, ultimately, ensure you achieve what you came to accomplish.

Are you currently doing anything to treat your concerns?

You may already be seeing a massage therapist, or chiropractor (if your body is in pain). It’s essential your spa therapist knows about this as it could determine how he or she proceeds. Always expect a few questions from your spa therapist as it helps them cohesively work to ease any discomfort and enhance any of the work you have already done to treat your concerns.

If you are visiting an esthetician for your skin, there are some products you may have used recently that may cause us to avoid others. If you’ve recently had a facial that incorporates laser, Vitamin A or, if you’ve had recent fillers or Botox, your spa therapist will need to know about this so he or she can move ahead with the correct treatment to avoid potential irritation or certain previously treated areas.

Are you currently taking any medications that I should know about?

This will be one of the questions you’ll answer while completing your consultation form. However, expect your therapist to ask this again. It’s important for your therapist to know if you are on medications that may leave you sensitive to pressure. Knowing this information is crucial to delivering your treatment in the safest and most comfortable way. Always make sure to inform your spa therapist if you are taking anticoagulant medications (or blood thinners) such as Warfarin or if you use any Retinols for your skin.

Do you have any allergies?

In most industries, this is a standard question as you may be allergic to something that your spa therapist may use during your massage, facial, or other wellness services. It is always better to be safe and let your therapist know of any allergies or past allergic reactions.

What is your occupation – or what does your typical day consist of?

Spa therapists ask this question so they can get a better idea of what conditions he or she may be dealing with. For instance, a physically active worker will likely have different skin or muscular issues as opposed to someone who works at their desk all day. Those who spend their days outdoors could suggest sun damage, as well as muscle and joint conditions seen with certain strenuous physical activities such as running or tennis. These details factor into tailoring to get you closer to your wellness goals.

Is there anything else I should know?

Any additional information you share with your trusted spa therapist will contribute to the customization of your wellness experience and enhance your service satisfaction.