Beyond The Spa: Self-Care Therapies At Home

1 April 2020  |  Giovanna Maselli

If you are spending more time at home, now would be an ideal time to incorporate wellness elements that improve your overall wellbeing and upgrade your self-care routine.

While the norms still apply such as staying active, maintaining a peaceful setting, nourishing the skin and taking time to press pause on your thoughts, there are simple self-care rituals that can improve your at-home experience.


If you are experiencing more sedentary behavior than usual, your circulation may have decreased. Awaken your body with the natural exfoliation practice of dry body brushing. This time-tested therapy helps remove dead skin cells, increase circulation, accelerate toxin elimination and improve lymphatic drainage. This simple technique, done prior to your daily shower or bath, leaves your skin feeling softer, your body feeling invigorated and your mind at ease. All you need is a body brush. A favorite among our spa guests is the ELEMIS Body Brush, made of natural cactus bristles of the highest quality. It is an element of our wellness therapies, you can use in your home. One rule; always brush towards the heart.


Treat your body and mind to a luxurious ritual with a Frangipani-infused aromatic bath. Used in our spas around the world and a favorite product for guests is ELEMIS Frangipani Monoi Body Oil. Simply use a few drops in your running bath.  As you enjoy a moment to yourself, inhale the mood-enhancing benefits of this exotic essence. Release your worries and let your mind take you to a relaxing island with crystal blue waters. For extra nourishment and antioxidant protection, lather it over your body once you are out of the bath.


More time spent at home means more time for top-to-toe self-care. While skin and body care are usually at the top of the list, hair health is often left last (if time permits). With hair health and confidence intertwined for many, the act of using the proper, results-based hair mask for your concerns will help greatly. It is as easy as using it during your shower or while doing your daily tasks a home. The following common concerns can be helped with the following hair treatments backed by salon experts around the globe.

Thinning Hair: KÉRASTASE Densifique Bodifying Mask

Lifeless Hair: KÉRASTASE Chronologiste Crème de Regénération

Dry, Brittle Hair: KÉRASTASE Resistance Masque Thérapiste



Finding peace within is priceless for the mind and the body. With stress-related health issues rising, the need for activities that help find a balance between our stresses and our joys is crucial and ever-present. Discover your form of meditation, whether it be the use of healing vibrations from sound therapy or moving meditations. Create a mindful moment and a space for relaxation just for you. Your overall health and wellbeing depend on it.

Stay healthy and in wellness.