Social Distancing: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary

22 March 2020  |  Giovanna Maselli

With more time being spent inside the house, #weareinthistogether, this is a good moment to re-evaluate the place we call ‘home sweet home.’ It is meant to be a place of safety, peace and replenishment where we find those we love, a moment of peace or simply a place to refresh.  Wellness at home is just as important as wellness during travel, so why not maximize the space you have to exude positivity and improve your wellbeing, but how can you do this?


Whether it is a small reading nook or an open area to practice yoga, create a space in your home meant to help you relax and recharge. Find items that bring you peace or remind you of something happy and place them in this area. It could be as simple as placing a nicely scented candle and a comfortable chair by the window. Make this space your own. It is made by you for you.


Scents impact our wellness, and aromatherapy is a tried and true approach. It eases stress, anxiety and helps with depression. You can easily apply a few drops to a diffuser or place those drops on your body. The following are just some of the most useful scents to have on hand:

Lemon: Associated with cleanliness and freshness, this essential oil has a powerful effect on mood. Studies suggest lemon oil vapor has anti-depressant qualities and elevates anti-stress hormones.

Eucalyptus: Known for its anti-bacterial effects, diffusing this in your home not only freshens up the room but also serves as a great air purifier.

Tea Tree: Crucial as a natural cleaning product, it inhibits bacterial growth and helps fight infections. This is a great oil to diffuse in your bedroom and bathroom.

Clove: Known for its antiviral and anti-fungal properties, this oil is great to clean surfaces and the air in your home.

Rosemary: If you need a concentration boost or feel a cold coming on, this is your go-to. Rosemary oil has been found to stimulate the body and mind by increasing your brain wave activity and the heart and respiratory rates.

Jasmine: This fragrant flower gives your home and beautiful scent that imparts serenity. When worn on the body, it decreases PMS symptoms.

Lavender: World-renowned for its potent effects, Lavender oil eases the mind and helps you slip into a gentle slumber.

Chamomile: This tiny, inconspicuous flower is a triple threat! It has an amazing, soothing scent for your home, tones the skin and aids in digestion.

Rose: Studies show it is a great stress-reliever and awakens the mind. In liquid form, it clears the skin and reduces scarring and wrinkles.


Pick your favorite flower or plant and place them around your home. According to research conducted by Texas A&M University, plants in the home and workplace help people concentrate and improve memory performance by 20%, so why not include them in your daily life.


We spend nearly a third of our life in bed. Creating a soothing sleep sanctuary is vital to productivity, especially if you work at home. One simple act is making your bed each morning, allowing you to have completed one home activity prior to starting your day. To keep things fresh in the bedroom, replace your sheets every six months and dab essential oil on your pillows to receive the maximum wellness benefits.


Seeing your priceless moments displayed in an easy-to-see spot reminds you of times that bring you happiness and peace. This simple addition helps lift your mood and create a positive environment within your home.