Snow Rooms: The Coolest Attraction In Wellness

6 March 2020

Winter may be ending, but do not be fooled. Though the sun may feel like a wellness dream, it is actually the promise of cold that has health professionals lining up while onboard. One of the most unique wellness options offered at luxury spas is a room you may have never thought of – a snow room. 

Much like a sauna, a snow room consists of a small, enclosed space designed for maximum health benefits but unlike its sweatier sister, the snow room is chilled to a perfect 14-degrees Fahrenheit and features actual snow flurries all year round.

So why embrace the chill? Snow rooms build off of the age-old therapeutic concept of taking the body from hot to cold. After a short time in a sauna, you can switch gears to the icy room, where you can reap benefits that range from immune concerns to fat burning and metabolism boosts. “Rebooting your body’s temperature helps to encourage blood flow and is good for your immune system, as your blood vessels are encouraged to dilate and constrict,” said the spa team at Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise giant’s Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Escape both feature snow rooms in their award-winning Mandara Spas, operated by OneSpaWorld. 


In addition to the internal benefits, snow rooms (or snow caves) can also have a positive effect on our external selves. At times, Scandinavian treatments include going from sauna to a roll in the cold snow outside; the thought being that the rapid cooling of the skin closes off and shrinks pores. In the much recent celebrity-favorite, Cryotherapy, the cold actually helps the body heal and recover, soothing aches and pains and slowing down signs of aging.

While an interesting gem in the wellness front, it is not for everyone. Those who are ill, have circulation, respiratory or heart problems, or those who live with diabetes or are receiving any medical treatment should consult with a physician before embracing the freeze.

For guests looking to take their experience to a new level, those who have experienced the cold report leaving alert, awake and energized, no shovel necessary.