Quartz Beds: Elevating The Massage Experience

27 January 2020

In the world of wellness, no detail is too small when it comes to a guest’s experience. From scents to room temperature, every detail is carefully developed for maximum serenity. Cruise lines such as Crystal, Celebrity Cruises and Virgin Voyages have raised the standard with a new take on the massage bed: the Crystal Quartz bed.

Based on ancient Egyptian healing rituals, the benefits of Crystal Quartz beds are driving both consumers and spa practitioners to seek them out, incorporating them within luxury spas around the world. Benefits include physical and mental relaxation as well as stimulation of the metabolism and a purifying effect. Due to their steep price, these specialty beds can only be found in select spas.

Matching the look of a large billiards table, the platform bed has a slightly sunken area in the middle, which is filled with crushed quartz and then heated to the desired temperature. The heated beads are then covered with a hygienic polyurethane-coated sheet to prevent it from adhering to skin, while also promoting ergonomic positioning.

Each warm bead molds to the shape of the body, creating a well-placed distribution of body weight and a soothing cocoon-like feeling. The Quartz itself (largely considered one of the most powerful healing stones) acts as a constant micro-massage while imparting physical, mental and emotional healing energies. At the same time, the soothing heat beneath the body relaxes any nervous muscles, preparing the body for various therapies. 

Practitioners suggest the experience for those who may become restless on a standard massage bed. However, guests who desire to elevate their experience, relax sore muscles or simply desire to absorb the healing energy of quartz may want to experience it during their next visit to the spa. 

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