Our Sustainable Journey

We understand and respect the intricate relationship between our services, the ecosystems, and communities around the world. Each one of us – our guests, our employees, and every unique community we visit – is exposed to our ever-changing global environment.  We have made it our mission to minimize our impact by maintaining the highest standards of quality and service delivery.

At OneSpaWorld, we expect every aspect of our operations to reflect our focus on sustainability, safety, and care for our people and planet – from our expertly crafted menu of services and products to our robust platform for recruiting, training, retention, and logistics. 

We are dedicated to a journey of sustainable growth that uplifts and inspires, today and for generations to come. Our Board of Directors and management are leading the way as we explore a more structured approach to communication, sharing our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics with greater openness and transparency to elevate our sustainability practices.

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Trusted Partners

With the Highest Standard of Service Delivery

As trusted partners to the most prestigious cruise lines and resorts, we take pride in being a defining element of the guest experience. Our dedication to the highest standard of service delivery has allowed us to craft an intricate global infrastructure, one that elegantly navigates the complexities of our luxurious spa and wellness offerings.

OneSpaWorld is 20x  larger than the next sea competitor.



OneSpaWorld | One Global Agenda

Prosperity of People & Planet

At OneSpaWorld, we recognize that the prosperity of both people and the planet are inextricably connected. As a global company, serving and employing people from around the world, we are honored to embrace the United Nations Agenda 2030’s vision for a sustainable future. OneSpaWorld recognizes its role in contributing to this global agenda, and aligns our operations with the relevant Sustainable Development Goals:

We promote a holistic approach to health and wellness for our guests and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our employees.

We are committed to reducing water waste, utilizing efficient technology, and supporting local initiatives that improve access to water and sanitation.

We strive to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth by implementing fair and responsible business practices, providing secure and fulfilling employment opportunities, and supporting local communities and economies.

We are dedicated to reducing inequalities and promoting inclusion by fostering a diverse and equitable work environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

We apply sustainable sourcing and packaging practices and reduce waste in our operations.

We use safe and biodegradable formulas in our products, reduce marine litter, and contribute to preserving the health and biodiversity of our seas and oceans.

Community Giving

Beyond Our Guests & Employees

Our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond our guests and employees and into the neighborhoods that surround us. Through our community giving initiatives, we strive to support local organizations and programs that align with our values of wellness, diversity, and sustainability. We donate to several charities and organizations that align with our values, including:

  • Kristi House, a children’s advocacy center dedicated to eradicating child abuse and child sex trafficking
  • National LGBTQ Task Force, an advocacy non-profit advancing freedom, justice, and equality
  • Camillus House, a homeless services provider improving the quality of life for those who are vulnerable and homeless

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