Our Planet. Sustainable at Sea, On Land

Our 2022 Footprint

From intimate 200-square-foot sanctuaries to expansive 30,000-square-foot retreats, our spa centers are tastefully crafted to meet the unique needs of our cruise line and destination resort partners. Centers generally offer fitness areas, treatment rooms, and salons, in addition to elaborate thermal suites and saunas.

Whether it’s creating bespoke branding, luxurious guest services, or adding complementary retail product assortments, we design our state-of-the-art health and wellness facilities to optimize guest experience and maximize financial performance.



OneSpaWorld At Sea

OneSpaWorld is on board 179 cruise ships, traversing waters across the globe.

Spa Brands Operated By OneSpaWorld

Voyages Across The Globe

OneSpaWorld On Land

OneSpaWorld operates destination resorts in 12 countries, on six continents, reaching guests in many corners of the world.

Resort Spa Brands Operated By OneSpaWorld

Destination Resort Spas

We offer a carefully curated range of services, delivering a luxurious spa experience to our clients:


Ayurvedic treatments

Body and skincare treatment

Comprehensive hair and nail services


Herbal medicine


Pain management

Traditional and alternative massages

Our Practices

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering. We consistently stay ahead of recent regulations in order to ensure that our practices are efficient and effective when it comes to conserving resources – from eliminating waste, utilizing energy wisely, or reducing water consumption. Our steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility ensures that we uphold the highest standards of compliance in every region where our operations are based.

We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the world we inhabit and have embraced sustainable practices to achieve this aim:

  • Recycling in the workplace and reducing paper, plastic, and water usage in our corporate offices
  • Reducing our energy consumption by installing light sensors in our facilities
  • Working with earth-friendly product suppliers to minimize packaging and the use of harsh chemicals
  • Preventing the creation or disposal of hazardous waste that may contaminate the environment

Our Products | A Nature-Inspired Journey

Sourcing: Caring for Clients.  Caring for Our Planet.

Our sourcing philosophy is rooted in a deep commitment to both our clients and nature. We are vigilant in selecting safe and sustainable products for our spa treatments and services, ensuring that every aspect of our guests’ experience is both luxurious and eco-conscious.

We work with 75 suppliers, whose products:

  • Align with OneSpaWorld’s values and vision
  • Meet the application and caliber expectations of OneSpaWorld’s staff
  • Adhere to our internal and international quality and regulation compliance
  • Guarantee safety for the vessel and the planet

Partnering for Nature

We are honored to bring the ultimate spa experience to our guests with a world-renowned skincare brand that embodies our values and vision. Elemis is a B Corp-certified company that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in its sourcing practices.

The Elemis Promise guarantees that all skincare product formulas are clean for guests and safe for nature, especially our water.

Elemis’ commitment to the environment extends far beyond their products. They are dedicated to giving back and supporting regenerative farming, rich soil, healthy oceans, and carbon sinks.

Over 95% of products use biodegradable rinse-off formulas.

~98% of ingredients are traceable.

Packaging | Responsible for Clients. Respectful of Nature.

At OneSpaWorld, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to spa experiences, which extends to our packaging philosophy. From the selection of eco-friendly materials to responsible disposal, we take a mindful approach to every aspect of our packaging to create a spa journey that is both nourishing and sustainable – from individual product packaging to bulk packaging in transit.


United in Effort

We are proud to be working with partners, like Elemis, on the continuous transformation of our product packaging practices. By removing small elements that don’t compromise product quality and safety, together we are able to make a sea change in reducing our paper and plastic waste. This includes meeting the stringent regulations set by the TSA and other US regulations for international shipments.

Annually, 450 kg of plastic is diverted from landfill due to the removal of spatulas.

9,700 kg of paper waste is reduced due to the removal of paper leaflets.

9,070 kg of paper waste is diverted from landfills due to the removal of cardboard liners.

Delivering | Safe for Partners. Secure for Clients.

The safety and security of our supply chain is of the utmost importance to us and our partners with whom we work as one. We operate in a highly regulated, multi-jurisdictional environment, in compliance with local customs and regulatory requirements. Our commitment to safety extends to our cruise and destination resort partners, ensuring that all products we source and bring onboard are safe for the ship and its guests.

We manage more than 3,400 itineraries, with support from:

Our logistics teams work to bring our high-quality products timely and seamlessly to over 190 ports around the world, so we can create extraordinary experiences for our guests at any point of their travel.

Destination: Distribution Center

When our products leave the suppliers’ warehouse, OneSpaWorld steps in to guarantee secure transit. In collaboration with our logistics partners, we strictly follow the instructions for each supplier, complete their safety diligence, and carefully review product safety data sheets.
Every transport delivery is examined, documented, and sealed to prevent tampering or theft. The product journey at this stage is monitored in real-time, as we collect data from all of our partners and are instantly informed of any fluctuations in pricing, weight, or delivery time.

At the Distribution Center

Our products arrive at one of the three distribution centers in Florida or New Jersey to be prepared for the final leg of their journey out to sea or on land. OneSpaWorld partners with a third-party distribution center operator that establishes high-quality operations, meets TSA compliance standards, and offers their employees exceptional working conditions.

These facilities are subject to frequent federal and state audits, as well as monitoring visits and spot checks by OneSpaWorld management.



Destination | Cruise Ships and Resorts

During the final transit stage from distribution centers to the ships and resorts, our last-mile agents undergo meticulous inspections and reports to ensure that our products meet the highest standards before they reach the ports or resorts.

OneSpaWorld adheres to strict security measures to ensure compliance with port and customs regulations. At the port, products undergo further inspection, verification, and compliance review before being loaded onto the ship.




Arrival | On the Cruise Ships and at the Resorts

When our products reach their final destination – the cruise ships and resorts – our highly trained staff takes every measure to ensure that the products are stored safely, in accordance with appropriate labeling, and handled properly for maximum safety. We have all the necessary protocols in place to make sure that every aspect of our product handling is compliant with the necessary regulations and standards, as we protect the ship,  the spas, our employees, and our guests.

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