Our People. Inspired At Sea, On Land

Building Global Teams

We are committed to building a world-class team of wellness experts. We look for talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals to join one of the most global companies in the world. Our recruitment strategy focuses on fostering long-term relationships and seeking team players who share our values of collaboration, adaptability, and a passion for wellness.

Our superior recruitment efforts guarantee only the highest-caliber talent, using a multi-pronged approach that includes collaboration with colleges, vocational schools, and our own valued employees through our employee referral program.

Visited 1,175 global ports of call


From 88

With ~60%
Previously Employed In Our Shipboard Spas

Fostering Talent

Our approach to talent development is holistic and intentional, with a focus on cultivating a sense of wellness, service excellence, and innovation. The first port of call for an exhilarating career at sea is London Wellness Academy (LWA). LWA, with its satellite centers in India, South Africa, and the Philippines, is our official recruitment and training division, where our team members engage with OneSpaWorld over the span of two to six weeks. At LWA, we help our staff expand their knowledge and expertise in our service offerings and get prepared to live on board through our immersive training curriculum.

London Wellness Academy | A Reputation Built On Ships, Cemented on Land

Located at a Victorian campus, London Wellness Academy, or LWA, is the starting point for a career at sea, renowned for its exceptional training programs in spa and wellness services. The academy’s training curriculum includes a collection of over 120 treatments, ranging from skincare and hair services to medi-spa and mindfulness. For over 40 years, the academy has been delivering a world-renowned quality of teaching and preparation for students to work with partner cruise lines and resorts, with 95% of graduates working on cruise lines.

Mandatory Training

We believe in providing the tools and resources necessary for the wellbeing of our employees and a safe working environment. As such, we have made certain courses a mandatory requirement for all employees.


We have implemented a suite of online learning modules consisting of mandatory and voluntary training. eLearning modules have proven invaluable in ensuring our teams are equipped to provide the highest level of service wherever they are.


To help our health and wellness staff continuously expand their knowledge and skills, our training is supported by the following resources:
• Knowledge Banks of Services
• Learning Management System
• Service Excellence Manual
• Global and Country-Specific Employee Handbooks



Elevating Our People

100%  of our health and wellness center general managers are promoted to their roles.

We believe in nurturing and growing our talented staff to reach their full potential. Our employees have the opportunity to ascend the ranks within our organization, with numerous opportunities for development and training support. Many of our senior leaders have been with the Company for 20-30 years, starting as shipboard spa team members and advancing to positions at our Coral Gables office and London Wellness Academy.

Investing in Wellbeing

Our professional staff is the cornerstone of delivering world-class spa experiences to our guests. We support their wellbeing by offering comprehensive benefits and a great working environment to empower their best performance.

At Sea

Typically, our shipboard employees are employed via 7 to 9-month fixed-term contracts. We build relationships with our staff and engage in conversations about new contracts before their disembarkments.

Our cruise line staff receive comprehensive benefits packages including the following:

  • Free medical and dental health care
  • Commission for provided services and sales of products
  • Long-term disability
  • Free home travel
  • Free Lodging and Meals
  • Disembarkment in case of personal or family emergency
  • Incentive Time-off Program
  • Fitness and Wellness Program
  • Employee Discounts
  • Family and Friends Discounts

At onboarding, everyone commits to the ILO’s Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) Seafarer’s Bill of Rights. In addition, OneSpaWorld goes beyond the  MLC by offering additional time off and limiting weekly on-board working hours.


On Land

Our average tenure at our corporate office is 9 years.

Our U.S. corporate and destination resort spa employees are eligible for benefits, including:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance plans (including spouses and children)
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Short- and long-term disability
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Basic life and accidental death insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Supporting Our Team in Tough Moments

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were presented with a myriad of obstacles, but plenty of opportunities to support our team members. With the near cessation of our operations in March 2020, we worked diligently to repatriate all of our more than 3,220 shipboard personnel to their families and homes around the world.

We went beyond to assist those in uniquely challenging situations. One of our colleagues was unable to get home during her pregnancy due to travel restrictions and health risks. OneSpaWorld stepped in to provide shoreside room and board, daily transportation, baby items, immigration support, and flights home when the opportunity presented. Through challenging times, we have been there for each other. As we emerge from the global pandemic, we have rehired thousands of employees, continuing our longstanding relationships.

In the face of yet another global crisis, our corporate and onboard teams sprung to action to support our staff affected by the war in Ukraine. We encouraged our contracted Ukrainian colleagues to stay onboard or provided flight arrangements back to their homes at our expense, using a city of their preference as a hub. Additionally, we reached out to all Ukrainian members of our team who had not yet returned to work, offering to swiftly bring them to the safety of our shipboard facilities.

Promoting Safety & Wellness

We pride ourselves in providing a safe haven for relaxation and rejuvenation for our guests and a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

Our 2022 corporate, training center, and land-based spa safety record:


Accounting for 99
Lost Work Days


OneSpaWorld regularly reviews, updates, and maintains a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy, covering the following topics:

Accident Reporting
First Aid at Work
Use of Chemicals at Work
Electricity at Work
Fire Safety
Workplace Provisions
Safe Driving
Monitoring and Risk Assessment
Food and Hygiene

Training and Awareness

To maintain a culture of wellness, our employees receive regular training on:

Health and Safety upon boarding the vessel they serve
Cleaning and sanitation of our equipment and spa facilities
Guidelines for Protection and Sanitation
Additional training on safe practices in providing services

Nurturing Unity in Diversity

OneSpaWorld is proud to have one of the most global workforces, representing a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

We aim to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other personal characteristics. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form and are committed to ensuring that our hiring and employment practices are free from bias.

Our 2022 Workforce

OneSpaWorld is comprised of ~4,450 employees.

From 88

Speaking 27

Gender Diversity at OneSpaWorld



We believe in the power of education to promote workplace diversity and inclusion. Each year, we provide comprehensive training programs to our employees, managers, and leaders, covering a range of topics aimed at fostering a respectful, inclusive environment:

Culture of civility
Anti-harassment best practices
Cultivating a respectful workplace
Diversity and inclusion


We offer educational scholarships each year for talented aspiring wellness and beauty professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are striving to make a meaningful difference in the professional world by bridging the income gap and giving talented individuals a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work within our fulfilling industry and environments at sea and on land.