Company Success Tied To Conscious Social Impact, Sustainability

11 August 2019

Beyond a business, our modern era calls for a company that is committed to providing a better place from counties to countries, no matter what industry.

With this in mind, a movement has arisen with core values that move companies to be conscious and conserve a place we all call home – Earth. The term for this new focus is “ESG” which stands for environmental, social and governance.

A rising number of investors now consider company values to be key to their decision to invest. A recent study from Oxford University found that more than 80 percent of mainstream investors now consider ESG information when making investment decisions.

Evidence shows that companies that do good also do well. Research shows that prioritizing ESG issues results in superior long-term financial performance within the company.

With a deep-seated devotion to the environment and cultures we embrace, sustainability is a commitment at the heart of OneSpaWorld. From the products selected for services and retail to our unwavering support of non-profit organizations, this commitment permeates each spa brand from our attention to packaging to internal company practices to consciously chosen ingredients.

OneSpaWorld has been committed to sustainability and social responsibility since its inception. Here are just a few of the causes at the heart of OneSpaWorld’s mission to effect positive change:

Wildlife Protection

We are committed to wildlife conservation to ensure that future generations will enjoy nature like we do today. Beyond donations, OneSpaWorld’s goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations.

Conserving Our Sea

 The largest ecosystem on Earth, the ocean is a life support system. It generates half of the oxygen we breathe and contains 97 percent of the world’s water. The ocean is also home to treasured sea life and reduces the impact of climate change. Survival of our ocean goes hand in hand with our livelihood and the livelihood of seafarers to come.

Clean Water

We contribute to efforts that deliver water to the 1 in 10 people worldwide who live without clean drinking water or spend hours walking daily to collect it for their families. Our collaboration with charity: water allows us to make a significant impact around the globe.

Conserving Our Land

OneSpaWorld contributes to conserving our lands and ensuring the long-term survival of all biodiversity on Earth through contributions and collaborations with world-renowned organizations that allow us to make a real-world impact.

Additionally, easily implemented sustainable practices have reduced our impact on the environment. Whether it’s improved packaging solutions by ELEMIS that reduce waste, decreasing our use of paper and plastic bottles, recycling or installing light sensors to reduce electricity consumption, OneSpaWorld is making progress as innovation evolves and our knowledge grows.

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