Escape your world. Indulge in ours.

Imagine the mystery of the East meeting the science of the West. Imagine boundaries
ceasing to exist. Imagine science and nature dancing together in perfect harmony.


Here, science and nature, practicality and mystery, beauty and peace are entwined — offering an experience as luxurious as it is therapeutic and as magical as it is real. Leave time at the door and enter a sanctuary where wellness meets wonder. Discover the beauty of Mandara Spa and an ethos encompassing well-being from around the world.

Mandara Spa captures the essence of our Balinese heritage, while charting a path to the New World — a journey that touches on regional influences infused into unparalleled Mandara experiences. OUR STORY. The Mandara experience began on the spiritual island of Bali, inspired by the beautiful tradition of healing touches, which is deeply immersed within the culture and passed on from mother to daughter from generation to generation. These time-honored therapies, combined with European methods and natural elements indigenous to the spa’s region, meld together to provide the most unique and indulgent spa treatments.

The name Mandara comes from a Sanskrit legend about the gods’ quest to find the secret to eternal youth and beauty. We believe you will unlock the secret when you experience a timeless Mandara moment. Here, time stands perfectly still.