Chavana Spas

Chavana Spa opens up a whole new world of Balinese spa experiences.

Chavana aims to harness the energy of the Balinese spirit to provide a fresh, friendly and comfortable spa encounter for experienced and inexperienced spa goers alike.

The word Chavana is the name of a simple Indian sage who discovered the fountain of youth and with a dazzling new appearance went on to marry a princess. A visit to a Chavana Spa will leave you feeling more relaxed, more radiant and full of youthful energy. On offer is a comprehensive menu of facial, massage and body treatments.

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Chavana Spa was created to fulfill the need for a spa brand that is not over complicated and one that suits the ever growing middle market.

All too often, the spa experience is confusing and intimidating for all but the most spa-savvy consumers. With Chavana Spa, we offer a simple, understandable and approachable concept that welcomes all to experience the freshness and energy of the Balinese spa spirit. Chavana Spa creates an environment where you can feel confident and safe exploring the wonderful world of spa.

Chavana Spa introduces Balinese Fusion at its best – contemporary but never modern. The sounds of the Balinese garden are captured in our unique blend of traditional Balinese music with contemporary tones.