No Gym, No Problem: Full-Body Workouts From Home

25 March 2020

As we adjust our daily workout routines to fit our patios or living rooms, this provides an opportunity to re-examine and reprogram our habits. Taking deep breaths, stretching often and taking time to meditate are just some of the mindful exercises you can do to help maintain mental and physical balance.  However, there is more we can do to avoid falling prey to prolonged inactivity and the effects of cabin fever.

Regular exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function and ensuring our muscles remain strong and powerful. From helping us move freely, to helping avoid injury by keeping the body balanced and our joints in shape, the simple movement, stretch, lift or brief run does wonders for the physical and mental self.

Taking control of your wellbeing can start with just 10 minutes per day set-aside for a total body work-out. This simple routine will help you experience the health benefits of a full-body workout and a tuned mind.  The best part; no equipment necessary. You will be using your own body weight for resistance in this simple but efficient exercise circuit recommended by our team of fitness experts.


Strengthens core, glutes and hamstrings

Standing with your feet apart and hands place your hands on your hips, take a long step back with your left leg and lower your hips such that your front leg forms a 90-degree angle. Pull your body back up, returning to standing position and repeat with your right leg to complete one rep. Repeat.


Strengthens quadriceps and hip adductors

Start with a very wide stance and your feet straight. Sit back into one hip and push that knee out. Repeat on the other side. These side-to-side squats allow you to target different muscles and build more strength than with a regular squat.


Strengthens upper body: chest, shoulders, arms and abs

Begin with your hands and chest flat on the floor, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.  Straighten your arms and legs with your body forming a straight line from head to toe. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the floor, keeping your elbows close to your body as you descend. Pause, then press upwards back to the original position. 


For strengthening glutes and release lower-back tension

Lie on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes to push your hips up. Repeat. Do not use your lower back to pull yourself up.


For upper body strength, increasing heart rate and burning extra calories

Begin by getting into a push-up position. Keeping your core tight and using a running motion as fast as you can, pull your right knee into your chest.  As the knee draws to the chest, quickly switch and pull the left knee in. Continue to switch knees keeping a straight line in your spine.

Try these tried-and-true exercises, repeating the set of 5 moves for 10 minutes without rest.  This may seem simple enough, but after just a few seconds, your body will feel the burn and your mind will thank you for re-tuning it.

For more at-home workout options, visit OneSpaWorld partner, Technogym here.