How To Choose The Right Massage At The Spa

4 October 2019

As massage aficionados know, a good massage is about much more than just rubbing and kneading the skin. A trained and experienced massage therapist will know exactly where and how to not only reduce stress, but also improve sleep and circulation, reduce pain and even lower blood pressure; working with an individual’s body to find the right rhythm and flow. Deep diving into a spa menu can be overwhelming for even the most practiced spa guest, but how do we choose?

Swedish Massage: For Your First Spa Day

With a goal of relaxing the entire body, Swedish massage can be a smart choice for just about anyone looking to calm their body and their brain. In fact, studies have shown that just 45 minutes of Swedish massage can lower cortisol levels and increase production of certain white blood cells that boost the immune system. The practice’s technique of long, gliding strokes toward the heart, coupled with kneading and tapping, also makes it a good choice for those new to the experience.

Deep Tissue Massage: For Those Who Need Pain Relief

Designed to physically break up muscle knots or scar tissue, Deep Tissue massage is much more than just a powerful form of Swedish massage. Though techniques may be similar (think deep, gliding pressure), an experienced therapist will take you from a lighter warmup of the top layer of muscle to tension relief at deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Benefits can range from help with sports injuries or fibromyalgia to chronic back pain and high blood pressure.

Sports Massage: For Athletes

Whether you are a weekend warrior or world-class player, sports massage is often an essential component of training and recovery, and can even aid in injury prevention. In fact, sports massage can be thought of as less indulgence and more necessity when it comes to a fitness plan. Experts cite sports massage benefits as muscle tension reduction and increased range of motion as well as enhanced performance and a decrease in stiffness and fatigue.

Hot Stone Massage: For Pure Relaxation & Tension Relief

Practiced for more than 2,000 years, Hot Stone massage can be the ultimate in relaxation and comfort for those looking to take their spa experience to a new level. Using Basalt stones (smooth, flat stones made from volcanic rock), therapists will place the rocks in hot water to warm them before setting them on various parts of the body; most often the back, stomach, face or hands and feet. Though the warm and soothing feel of the stones can be relief enough, Hot Stone massage has deeper benefits that can include help with sleep and autoimmune issues, relief of muscle tension and even stress management.

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