Try These Superfoods To Boost Your Immune System, Wellbeing

26 March 2020

Much like exercising and sleeping, superfoods are key to supporting your immune system. The relief and positive effects of these nutritionally dense foods are derived in a myriad of ways. From improving your focus to elevating your mood, to boosting energy, promoting healthy weight, building muscle and strengthening your immune system, the benefits are endless. With so many options and foods to tempt our palates, you may wonder where to look to supercharge your day and get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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The simple answer: your kitchen or nearby market. We’ve compiled a few ways you can incorporate important superfoods into your regular diet and help you enjoy your path to wellbeing.


Loaded with vitamin C and potassium, blueberries add a delicious kick to your smoothie or oatmeal, while serving as a natural anti-inflammatory and protection against disease. A brain-boosting food, they are also ideal if you are dealing with anxiety and lack of concentration.


Add ginger to your soups or drinks to help reduce pain or alleviate nausea, slice lemon or lime into your water, vegetables or salad for vitamin C, squirt some raw honey into your tea or sprinkle in some cinnamon to your hot chocolate to help reduce bacteria and clear-up a cold.


Consider your flavor-inducing garlic cloves not just for zest but also for its positive effect on blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, in addition to its high composition of antioxidants, which help strengthen the body’s natural defenses.


Pair your garlic with parsley for its natural breath freshening properties and nutrient-packed power to improve your bone and heart health.


If you enjoy salmon, you will love it more for its omega-3 fatty acids which help strengthen the cardiac muscles, lower cholesterol levels and maintain the elasticity of veins and arteries.

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If you are prone to frequent snacking, get your vitamins from bell peppers, wild mushrooms and kale. Good fat, fiber and other powerful minerals and nutrients are just some of the benefits of these delightful veggies, especially the versatile kale. Enjoyed as chips, sautéed or in a sauce, kale’s nutritional profile packs even more power than greens have traditionally been known for.

The list of superfoods at our disposal are long and vast, but the key to getting the most out of these power foods is to do your research, know your body and understand what foods and nutrients add the most value to your individual diet and your particular lifestyle.  Boosting immunity through diet is best when you are mindful of what you put in your body, while success, some may believe, is when healthy eating habits become an effortless delight.

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