Try These Herbs To Boost Your Immune System

15 April 2020

While Vitamin C and your daily dose of Zinc is useful, the concept of food as medicine is also crucial to your overall wellness. For hundreds of years, herbs have been held in high regard within the beauty and wellness industries, making them a time-tested and results-driven approach. With that in mind, some of the most powerful herbs meant to support your body’s ability to combat viruses can be found right in your pantry.


Long used to treat viral infections and improve brain function, the herb’s name derives from the Latin root “salvere,” meaning “to save.” Its use for healing dates back centuries. 


A member of the mint family, Oregano, is an antiviral herb that helps your body combat respiratory viruses in the body. Additionally, it has been shown to relax muscles and protect against food-borne illnesses. 


Unique in taste, this licorice-flavored plant boosts the immune system’s functions which helps to combat viral infections. In addition, it decreases inflammation in the body. 


This “super herb” is said to have antiviral medicinal properties linked to treating Avian influenza and HIV-1. Also a potent essential oil, it relieves bug bite stings and cold sores. When steeped in tea, it contains soothing qualities that reduce stress.


A staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Licorice root is equipped with powerful antiviral properties and has been used to respiratory-related viruses. 

For an optimal immune-boosting routine, daily herbal supplements are also a seamless option. Loved by guests who visit our spas around the globe, is JOU Cold N’ Flu Remedy which strengthens your body’s ability to battle colds. Your body is only as strong as the items you provide it. Stay healthy and in wellness.