Avoid These Summer Hair Care Mistakes

20 June 2020  |  Giovanna Maselli

The summer sun, beach and outdoor activities can be quite refreshing on the mind, body and spirit. However, the increased exposure to heat, chlorine and saltwater may not necessarily do wonders for our hair. Luckily, our experts have imparted a few easy mistakes to avoid as well as solutions to keep your hair healthy, strong and long during this eventful season.


From shampooing daily to using too many products that strip our hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle, the summer season should impart a more conservative approach to using your hair care products or at least have you shift to products that help strengthen your hair from root to tip. The suggested frequency for shampooing should be once every 2 to 3 days (not including days your hair has been exposed to dirt, sweat and chemicals).


Condition Your Ends: A simple way to keep your hair fresh and minimize that oily feel is to condition your ends during your wash, leaving it off the roots since that is the area that gets the oiliest and your ends are usually the driest part of your hair. Also, if you are going to use nourishing hair oil, keep it to the mid-lengths and ends.


While this does not mean tossing them or taking them out of your routine altogether, this does mean taking a more conservative approach to the products you choose to use when you know your locks will be exposed to the sun, chlorine and saltwater – which dry out your hair.


Use Texturizing Spray: This all-in-one item is great for styling while also taking a more gentle approach to controlling oil in your hair. Using a texturizing spray will help your hair become more manageable, add texture, hold your desired style longer and minimize the amount you touch your hair. It’s also a great option when trying to minimize the amount of hair styling products you use daily. There are a vast number of options of texturizing sprays to reach your hairstyle goals including adding volume, creating loose waves and creating that perfect beachy hair, among other styles.


Whether summer or another season, this is crucial to keeping your hair nourished and at its best. Avoiding this simple self-care routine could cause you to suffer from various issues including dry scalp, brittle hair, hair loss and split ends. Luckily, there is a time-efficient way to avoid these things.


Weekly, apply a nourishing hair mask during your shower. This will allow your hair to be replenished of any lost nutrients and minerals while also strengthening it starting from the fiber. This step takes a few minutes, yet does wonders for your mane’s long-term health. By keeping your hair healthy, this could mean minimizing the number of products you need to use daily, as well.

With this in mind, enjoy your summer and stay healthy and in wellness. For more on self-care advice, click here or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.