Silversea Cruises


On the breathtaking Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast) in Italy, an intoxicating aroma lingers in the air. This nostalgic flowery scent with citrus notes from a colony of lemon, bitter orange, and sweet orange trees envelop the region with rapture. Zàgara, the orange blossom, debuts each spring, blooming a myriad of brilliantly-white flowers flourishing purity to allure all who encounter its fragrance. As the evocative scent billows out to sea, the sweet essence of home reaches Silversea. The beautifully bright blossoms seducethe senses, promising peace and beauty at its namesake, world-class spa onboard.

Inspired by this splendid flower, Zàgara Beauty Spa is a sensory heaven where holistic experiences are the hallmark to emotionally grounding, bespoke treatments. A 360 mind and body philosophy is the cornerstone in achieving a desired state of being – whether to relax, restore, revitalize or rebalance. Every therapy is designed to evoke an awareness of the mind, body and soul; every detail nurtures well-being at this elegant respite.

A journey of the five senses and an interlude for musing, savor a Zàgara moment. Lull the soul with curated harmonies; invigorate the mind with art in motion; capture a mood with enchanting scents that harness the power of aromatherapy; intrigue the palate with refreshments to calm and hydrate while an orchestrated selection of therapies touch on delivering results.

Define your meaning of beauty, discover your state of being.

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