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Discover the spa onboard Seabourn where serenity meets innovative spa, salon and fitness services to deliver a relaxing experience that nurtures your every being. We are delighted to introduce our Mindful Living program founded in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil. The program reflects Dr. Weil’s holistic ideas about the mind and body. Mindful Living  offers key practices that support Dr. Weil’s integrative approach to inner and outer physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual wellbeing.

Seabourn Dr Andrew Weil

"I teach and practice Integrative Medicine, a system that focuses on the body’s natural healing potential, views human beings as mental, emotional and spiritual entities as well as physical bodies."


All of our spa offerings are mindfulness tools. When experienced to enhance wellbeing, massage and acupuncture become a catalyst for inner peace and clarity. They are vehicles for self-exploration, creativity and a healthier frame of mind. Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil has been created to help transform our everyday lives through mindful practices — consciously caring for our bodies, nurturing our intellect, reigniting forgotten dreams, and remembering we live in a world of unbounded possibilities.

The Spa has always been a space to center the mind and body. Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil takes that meaning to a new, deeper level and guides you through a transformative journey.

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