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Or maybe the question should be, do you cherish your mind and body? Most of us like to think we do, but when we look at our habits and practices we realize that in reality we often don’t treat ourselves very well at all. Maybe our schedule makes us prone to eat too much processed food and too little fresh, natural produce. Maybe we find ourselves in one stressful situation after another. Or, maybe we wish we

were thinner, more curvaceous, younger, older, more handsome, prettier, more talented … and the list goes on. If you ever make any of these or similar silent wishes, then there is only one antidote for you: cherish yourself more.

Royal Caribbean body mask application

VitalitySM Spa is your remedy against the inner critic who wants you to be different. It is one very effective way to nurture mind and body, so you feel nothing but a deep satisfaction with whom you are right now. Why not cherish your mind and body? Indeed, why not?

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